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We are excited to help you improve your dog breeding business the right way! Below you will see our 3 business packages. If you purchase 2 packages you will receive a $100 discount. If you purchase all 3 packages you will receive a $250 discount! Select which package is best for you and get started today!
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"I've always had a passion for dogs and as a new dog breeder I had to learn how to get my name out there. The videos helped me learn a ton about the business side of breeding and the advertising consultation allowed me to pre-sale all of my puppies! Thanks again!" ~Josh Poruven, Oregon  
"I've been breeding for over 7 years now and still couldn't figure out how a select few Yorkie breeders could sell their pups so fast and almost twice the price of mine. I've been able to find my pups better homes now and increase my price per puppy. I'm very happy I found you all." ~Torie Savvy, Michigan 
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"This was exactly what I needed! Having a couple of people everyday asking about my puppies allowed me to sell my entire litter fast. I was really picky on who I sold to and they didn't mind my prices being high since they wanted quality."
Lauren Reynolds, Georgia
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