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​ Marketing Consultation Package
We teach you how to market your dog kennel the right way. Learn how to sell all of your puppies fast, at the right price, and to great homes!
  • Don't Waste Your Money: Have you noticed there is that 1 out of 100 dog breeders that seems to get all of the followers on social media and their website gets all of the free traffic? Do not waste thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to market your dog kennel and your next litter. Marketing any business online is a money pit because there are so many marketing options. But every business only has a few methods that work. With over 15 years of experience breeding dogs and spending over $100,000 trying to find the lowest cost and best way to market my dogs, I have been able to pinpoint the 5 methods that work best. 
  • Learn From Our Experience: We have done all of the testing for you, we have been marketing our dogs online for more than 15 years! With our Marketing Consultation Package you will receive lifetime access to our online video guide that goes over the best four proven ways to market your dogs online. We show you how you can do it for free, with a little money, or with a larger investment. Each way has it's pro's and con's. There are breeders who have been breeding for over 10 years and still struggle to find their puppies good homes and they also still sell their puppies for half the cost of the top breeders. But with this guide you can be new to breeding and having your first litter and still sell your puppies at the correct price range, sell out your litter fast, and make sure all of your puppies are going to a great home. You have lifetime access to the guide, so as you are implementing your marketing plan you can always go back and follow our step by step guide. 
  • Learn How To Get Real Results:   With these 5 marketing methods you will get a ton of calls about your puppies, sell your puppies at a higher price, find better homes for your puppies, gain a much larger following, sell your puppies faster, and learn why some breeders tend to sell out of their puppies before they are even born. Best part is you won't have to hire a company to do the work for you, you will be able to do everything yourself!
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 Dog Breeding Mentorship Package 
Learn Every Aspect Of How To Become A Successful Dog Breeder!
  • Don't Make The Same Mistakes Most Dog Breeders Make: There are tons of dog breeding tips and tricks that only successful dog breeders know. Successful dog breeders have learned what you should and should not be doing to have success. With over 15 years of experience we learned all of the things it takes to become a successful dog breeder and all the mistakes you want to avoid. These mistakes can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and waste a lot of time. If you are new to breeding, or not hitting your breeding goals, or if you don't understand why that 1 out of 100 breeders has so much success while the other 99 breeders are failing then we can help you!. The only way to learn how to avoid these pitfalls is from an experienced successful breeder. The worse way to learn is to invest years into breeding, lose thousands of dollars and years of your time learning the hard way.
  • Our Video Series Teaches You All Of The Secrets: We have made a video series broken down into 29 different categories, over 100 talking points, and over 12 hours of information going over very important topics. Topics such as Setting Up Your Breeding Program To Meet Your Goals, Breeding Laws, Social Media Growth, Health Guarantees, Contracts, Complications During Birth, Puppy Housing, Selling Your Puppies, Breeding Rights, Expanding Your Business, How To Handle Payments, How To Make Money, and tons other important topics! In the videos we give you tips on things we learned the hard way that will save you a ton of time and money. On the outside you might think "I know everything there is no know about that subject" but when you have 15 years of experience I can guarantee the things we know is what separates us from the majority of breeders who struggle year after year. One small example is when I started breeding my contract was only 1 page long, over 15 years later it's now 3 pages long, this is all from adding in points to protect me after I learned something the hard way. Don't waste your time and money and make all of the mistakes we have experienced over the years, learn from us and do it right from the start or if you are already struggling as a dog breeder our video series will help you turn things around quickly. 
  • 100's Of Tips And Tricks: With 29 different categories you will receive 100's of different tips and tricks that will instantly change the way you breed forever! You will have online access to all of the videos for life so you can always go back and review them as you are going along your dog breeding journey, remember this video guide goes over what to do before you even own any dogs, what to do years later if you want to expand your successful breeding program, and everything in between!
 Website And Social Media Package
We Will Create Your Entire Online Presence For You The Right Way!
  • Have Your Website And Social Media Setup The Right Way: In order to market your dog kennel properly you must have your website and social media setup correctly. Signing up for a free Facebook Page and Instagram account and posting random pictures won't give you the success you want as a breeder. Having a website done correctly is still the key to having better marketing of your business, better way to sell your puppies, and in the long run it provides the best growth of your company.
  • Don't Waste Your Money On An Expensive Web Design Company: A web design company will charge you $2500 or more just to build a website for you, and that website won't be setup properly for what you really need as a dog breeder. After you spend all of that money you will also have to pay them hundreds of dollars to edit that website every time you want to announce a new litter, add new pictures, or add new information. We designed our own website, we are ranked in the top 10 in google for our breed of dog and get thousands of free visitors to our site per month, and we update our website ourselves! Because of this we can setup a nice simple website for you, for a fraction of the cost a web design company will charge you and we will show you how to fully update your website yourself so you won't have to pay a web design company to do it for you.
  • Social Media Is Important As Well: Also we will make sure that your social media pages are setup correctly (Facebook and Instagram) so that they are viewed correctly on a desktop or mobile phone and they are ready for you to market your dogs and puppies more effectively. 
With Over 15 Years Of Dog Breeding Experience We Have Helped Tons Of New And Old Dog Breeders Have Successful Litters And Find Their Puppies The Best Homes! 
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